About us

Pamtondo was set up by John Lwanda and (the late) George Claver in 1988 with the aim of recording and disseminating Malawi music. This has involved original recordings and compilations from licensed archival sources.

The initial impetus was our love of popular and traditional music and the need to research the meanings of the lyrics.

The first compilations were made in summer 1991 and the first recordings were made, at the MCDE Studios, Blantyre in May and June 1992.

Pamvision was established in 1994 with the aim of making music video recordings and making films. The first video recording was of the Chief Chipoka Band in May 1994. The first feature film was at the ‘serious planning’ stage as of April 2013, with the script being worked on; the subject being a political thriller. Lack of funding has held up the project.

Over thirty, each hour long, video recordings of gospel, popular and traditional music has been recorded by Pamvision.

Dudu Nsomba Publications, set up by John Lwanda in 1993, publishes books on Malawi, in particular, and Africa in general. The first book, the controversial but ground breaking, Kamuzu Banda of Malawi, was published in September 1993.

With the changes in marketing music, Pamtondo has moved to a more archival function while its old owner catches up with trends in music marketing. However, new acts continue to be recorded as funds permit.

Pamtondo are music publishers and are members of the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA) and PPL (UK)