Videos Researched, Recorded and Produced

PAM008 Video Chief Chipoka Band of Mangochi (an acoustic contemporary ‘tourist band)

PAM011 VIDEO The Malawi National Dance Troupe in action (a cultural troupe performing traditional music and dance)

PAM012 VIDEO The Mount Sinai Choir (contemporary urban gospel)

PAM013 VIDEO Inculturated gospel from Malawi (a video essay putting gospel music into socio-political context)

PAM 014 Video Beatrice Kamwendo and Dave Mafuleka’s Ravers (a popular band)

PAM 015 Video Saleta Phiri & AB Sounds (a popular band)

PAM 016 Video Lucky Stars Band (an acoustic band specializing in drinking songs)

PAM 017 Video Mr Skeremu’s Mulanje Mixers (a popular band)

PAM 018 Video Kasambwe Band (a popular semi-urban band)

PAM 019 Malindi Choirs (gospel)

PAM 028 Samban’goma Dance Troupe (urban traditional dance and music troupe)

PAM 029 DayGo Dance Troupe (urban traditional dance and music troupe)

PAM 030 Aerobatics of Moses Petro and Friends (urban collective)

PAM 031 The Malawi national dance troupe

PAM 032 Bondo Village  Nyau Group (Chewa traditional dance and music)

PAM 033 Kwandege Cultural Troupe, Chileka (traditional village ensemble)

PAM 034 The Mchinji Ingoma Troupe (Ngoni traditional dance and music)

PAM 035 Tinkanawo dance Group

PAM 036 St George’s Zomba Gospel Group

PAM 037 Chitsime New Paradise Gospel Group (gospel)

PAM 038 Mai Bishop Chalaka Gospel Group

PAM 039 Chisomo Gospel Singers (gospel)

PAM 040 Christian Revival Praise Team

PAM 041 Michael Ashan Gospel Group

PAM 042 Malindi Yellow Mbumba

PAM 043 Christian Revival Praise Team (gospel), Michael Ashan Gospel Group), St George’s